We are a prayer group that receives prayer requests from all over the world, everyday.

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What is Praying In The Heart?

Praying In The Heart is a donation-based, global prayer project to help remind us of the power of the heart. We receive prayer requests from all over the world, everyday. Our method is simple. The names received are posted here, and our members are encouraged to simply take a moment, whenever they want, and hold those names in the infinite space inside their hearts. There are no affirmations, mantras, or invocations. There is only the intention to hold the names at the center of your heart.

This group is affiliated with Living In The Heart, a donation-based transformational coaching group also hosted on Telegram. We host weekly meetings on heart consciousness and the mystical life at 5pm PST/8pm EST. To learn more or to join the community, go to LivingInTheHeart.org/join.

To support these projects by making a donation, go to LivingInTheHeart.org/contribute.

How do we see who to pray for?

Prayer requests from this site are sent directly to the Telegram group everyday.

About the founders of Praying In The Heart

Our names are Conner Kees and Laura Rose Gage. This group comes from a passion for the power of prayer and heart-centered living.

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